Why Choose HOKAMIX25:

Improved Digestion and Metabolism

HOKAMIX25 contains herbs which optimalize digestion and metabolism. In this way ingested nutrients are absorbed and metabolized in valuable building materials. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements will be optimally used and replenished. Organ function will decline if digestion and metabolism does not work properly. When waste products are not correctly broken down by the liver, or not well eliminated by the kidneys, there will be an accumulation of waste products. This can cause complaints all over the body, like skin and coat problems and/or joint complaints. By supplementing HOKAMIX to the daily food the body will regain and stay in balance in a natural way. And many, often long term problems can be tackled. It is possible that in the first weeks of usage complaints will get worse, because the body is cleansed from the inside and all waste products have to be eliminated first. The first effects of recovery will be seen after approximately 6 weeks, if the recommended daily dosage has been given. The result is a well fed body, with a good functioning immune system, a shiny haircoat and a beautiful skin, which is in balance.

AKC CH, GR CH, Jr. Ch., Sr. Ch. ‘PR’ STK LonePine’s Iron Maiden CA, CAA, CGCA, TDI
“Maggie Mae” Treeing Walker Coon Hound, raised on Hokamix25, currently 6 Yrs
– Owned & Loved by Vicky Brachfeld